About us

Club History

We are the first developmental handball club in Tyne & Wear.
The club was founded in 2012 by a diverse group of people with a common objective: practice handball whilst contributing to the development of the community through sport.
Marlen is the head coach and the driving force behind the club. Coming from Norway with years of experience playing and teaching handball, she is passionate about developing young people and adults in the art of handball. Marlen has joined forces with a group of other sports enthusiasts and founded the club that to date has more than 40 participants, both juniors and seniors.

Season 2012/2013
Senior Men’s and Women’s development teams started up. Competing in local friendly matches. Hosted our ever first Annual May Handball Tournament with participating clubs from Scotland and England.

Season 2013/2014
One junior team started up, playing friendly matches against local schools and travelling to Scotland on an impressive Handball Camp. Our men’s and women’s team competed in Edinburgh Handball Clubs Annual September Tournament and played in the Scottish Handball League. Our ladies won our Annual May Tournament with participating clubs from Scotland and England.

Season 2014/2015
One junior team and new junior sessions started up at Temple Park in South Shields. Our men’s and women’s team participated in Edinburgh Handball Clubs annual handball tournament where our ladies came runners up. First season for both our men’s and women’s teams in the North Development League, where we both teams finished at an honourable 4th position. Our ladies fought they way to the final of the English Cup before conceding the victory to London GD.

Season 2015/2016
A men’s and women’s team are both competing in the North Development League for the second time this season, with the hope of reaching a place on the podium this time. Our 3rd Tyneside Tournament took place on the 7th May 2016.

Our Vision

Our mission is to grow Handball in Tyne and Wear as a community development tool for the years to come. Our goal is to sustain handball teams in different age/gender groups, taking part in English and Scottish Handball tournaments and leagues.

Club board

Chairperson: Marlen Slinning Goulty
Secretary: Sandra Christke
Treasurer: Mark Harisson
Welfare officer: Craig Swanson
Media: Andrea King & Adam Mobberley
Sponsorship & Funding: Matt Lamb
Social: Matt Lamb
Webmaster: Robin Devilette

Women’s Coach: Marlen Slinning Goulty
Men’s Coach: Pablo Docampo
Juniors Coach: Marlen Slinning Goulty, Mark Harrison & Kristina Kronborg